I am a Greenpoint, Brooklyn-based taxidermy and entomology artist. My first formal taxidermy training was at Anderson's Whitetail Taxidermy School in upstate New York, where I studied under Bill Anderson in 2012. Following this I found a mentor in John Youngaitis of Cypress Hills Taxidermy, in Queens, NY. At the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, I interned in the special exhibitions/fabrication department and studied the art of the diorama under Tom Doncourt. At Buckshot Taxidermy in Sussex, NJ, I became certified in bird and mammal taxidermy after completing training under Mark Van Leuven. I've also taken lessons from John Bollman from Wildlife Preservations in NJ, the go-to taxidermy fabricators for NYC's American Museum of Natural History. I have produced a sizable body of taxidermy work over the years, much of which I owe to my fantastic teachers! 

My work has been featured in The Guardian, The New York Times, The LA Times, VICE Magazine, National Geographic,  New York Magazine, Brooklyn Magazine, TimeOut NY, Gothamist and many others. I was profiled on Oxygen TV's In Progress, Discovery Science's TV series Oddities, and others. I also created custom taxidermy mice for cult film director John Waters. 

In Brooklyn, I worked extensively with the Morbid Anatomy Museum; as taxidermy teacher, taxidermist in residence, and featured artist in their web store, cafe, gift shop, and markets. I contributed an essay on taxidermy to their book, The Morbid Anatomy Anthology, which was published in hardcover in 2014, and again in 2015. I often do custom fabrication work for the Evolution Store in Manhattan, and in NYC my work has been sold: Schafmayer & Company, Eclectic Collectibles and Antiques, In God We Trust, Rose Red & Lavender, 3rd Ward, the Observatory, the Brooklyn Flea, Williamsburg's Artists and Fleas, Co-op 87 Records, Black Gold Records, Fly Rite Tattoo, Saved Tattoo, and many others. I am also the longtime taxidermy and entomology maker/buyer/supplier and class instructor for Kanibal & Co. in Jersey City, NJ. 

Many of the more intricate anthropomorphic taxidermy pieces, such as the mice dressed in various outfits with props, are handmade collaborations with award-winning professional puppet artist Sarah Frechette, founder of Puppetkabob in Portland, OR. Sarah is a master of miniatures, and creates many of the small-scale designs and handmade custom pieces that dapperly decorate the menagerie. 

As a member of the board of directors for New Jersey's Garden State Taxidermists Association, as well as a member of the New England Association of Taxidermists, I follow and support ethical guidelines with respect to animal welfare. None of the animals used to create my taxidermy pieces were killed solely for the sake of taxidermy; their deaths are not related to the art. Depending on the circumstances, the pieces are variously sourced from: butcher/sustenance remains, utilized roadkill, discarded livestock, destroyed nuisance animals, feeder animals, repurposed vintage pieces, or donated animals that died of natural causes.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, ideas, rentals, events, or commissions, etc: BrooklynTaxidermy at gmail dot com